Conditions for participating in the Little Miss Mentoring program

  1. The state director, producer and Little Miss coordinator have complete charge of all activities for the Little Miss during the pageant weekend
  2. Little Miss participants must be available for rehearsals at the venue the day of the pageant and accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times except during the rehearsal itself. Chaperones will wait in the theater lobby during the rehearsal.
  3. Each Little Miss participant will receive 2 tickets to finals, one to be used by the Little Miss and the other for her adult chaperone.  There will be a section set aside for them in the theater.
  4. All Little Miss participants will perform a group number on stage at the beginning of the show and will be introduced. After their introduction they will be released to return to sit with their chaperone.
  5. All Little Miss participants will return to the stage after intermission for the Little Miss Award presentations.
  6. Little Miss participants and their chaperones must wear their name tags at all times except when on stage during the finals. During finals the Little Miss will wear their crowns and banners along with their white dresses and shoes.
  7. Transportation, housing and meals:  You must provide your own transportation while participating in the pageant weekend and you are responsible for your housing and meals.  Your hotel stay at the host hotel can be earned through ad sales.
  8. All problems or complaints should be reported to the Little Miss coordinator immediately, no matter how minor – we will do our best to address them in a timely manner
  9. Conduct deemed unbecoming by the staff may result in the Little Miss being asked to withdraw from participation with no refund of any type.
  10. Parents or guardians of the Little Miss participant must signed the
    RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT before being allowed to participate in the program
  11. Changes to the schedule may be made by the staff as needed.
  12. Sign up fee must be paid in full before you can receive the crown and banner.
  13. Any personal appearances made outside of pageant weekend are at the discretion of the Little Miss participant and her family.  The World America – California program assumes no responsibility or liability for any such activities.
  14. All Little Miss participants must be accompanied by an adult chaperone (typically her mother, grandmother, etc) at all times. Chaperones will be asked to wait outside the rehearsal rooms and must be on time for pick up – no Little Miss will be released to anyone not registered as her chaperone, presenting proper identification.
  15. Other than the 2 tickets for finals, all other activities requiring tickets will need to be purchased.