Signing up

See Rules and Conditions of Participation page – CLICK HERE

No, there are no height or weight requirements, we welcome all young women.

We do not have a set limit on the number of contestants.  The only limitation is the capacity of the venue.

Our office will contact you for your phone interview and to answer any questions you have and start the process of becoming a contestant.


No, this will be the first pageant for many of our contestants.

You will need comfortable clothes to rehearse in, an outfit of your choice for the Get Acquainted Banquet, an evening gown, an athletic wear outfit with tennis shoes, an interview outfit and an opening number outfit.  The opening number outfit for the Miss contestants is any solid black cocktail dress of your choice.  The opening number outfit for the Teen for 2019 will be the same as the Miss contestants. In 2020 it will be white capris, white tennis shoes and a T-shirt that will be given to you at check-in.  Our pageant wardrobe sponsor Prevue Formal and Bridal has awarded a discount to help defray the cost of your gown and the Miss opening number outfits.  You will receive the certificate as a part of your contestant packet.

It is highly recommended that at minimum, all contestants stay at the host hotel the night before the pageant finals.  We have arranged a great room rate and you can earn your night(s) at the host hotel through ad sales.

Yes, this will be a fun event for you to get to know your fellow contestants and share a special time with your family and friends.  Seating will be limited so plan to buy your tickets early.  We will be announcing the optional winners as well as a Father and Mother Of the Year Award.  Details will be in your contestant packet.

Yes, we encourage all our contestants to return.  Every year is an opportunity to make new friends, experience personal growth and meet a new panel of judges.

If you are selected as the MWA or MTWA titleholder for the state you may not represent any other pageant title during your time as the titleholder. If you are holding a title in another program you will have to relinquish that title to represent our state.

Our Miss division follows the age eligibility of the Miss World organization.  Our Teen division does not advance to an international competition and is set at 13-18 years of age.  If you are 16 ½ – 18 you can choose which title you would like to compete for.

Our titleholders are expected to attend the National competition in September and the 2020 state pageant to crown their successor. During their year as the state titleholder we expect our titleholders to try to make themselves available for radio and television appearances as they arise. We encourage our title holders to make as many appearances as possible throughout their year but understand that work and school commitments are a priority. We also expect them to continue their work with their Beauty with a Purpose Charity.

Details on the scoring criteria for required and optional phases of competition will be in your contestant packet.

You may have anyone assist you with hair and makeup in your hotel room but once you are in the dressing room there will be no outside assistance.

Yes, body piercing and tattoos are allowed as long as there is no profanity in the tattoo.  However, please consider whether your tattoos or piercings will be distracting to the judges and keep them from focusing on the young woman beneath the tattoos or piercings – it is your choice to display or cover tattoos and to wear or remove piercings.


The early application sponsorship fee for Teen and Miss for 2020 is $795

Your sponsorship fee covers only a portion of the overall cost of producing the pageant.  You will receive a satin stage banner with your title, lunch and dinner during pageant weekend; including your ticket to the Get Acquainted Banquet at the host hotel and all related pageant weekend activities. 

Your contestant packet will include a payment schedule and due dates for all paperwork, ads, tickets sales, etc.

We accept money order, cashier’s check, paypal or credit card.  We do not accept cash or personal checks.

Sponsorship fees do not cover the expense of producing a high quality pageant event. In order to offer a fun, rewarding and memorable experience all contestants are expected to sell a minimum of 5 tickets to finals and 2 tickets to optionals as well as a ½ page ad. 

Sponsorship fees, ticket and ad sales are non refundable because we make substantial non refundable financial commitments based on them.  However, if a contestant must withdraw from the program due to a medical emergency that prohibits her from competing we will carry over 50% of her sponsorship fees to the following year.

It is your choice to raise the sponsorship fee or pay it yourself.

Sponsorship can help defray the costs associate with participating in a pageant.  Sponsor can include, but are not limited to your family, friends, local businesses, sororities, organizations and clubs, schools, etc.  You may secure sponsors from anywhere in or out of state.  Take this opportunity to improve your communication skills.  Many local businesses will be supportive when you share your goals with them.  It is possible to not incur any out of pocket expenses.

The best place to begin is where you and your family does business.  Great examples are salons, cleaners, insurance companies, banks, doctors, dentists, local stores and businesses, etc.  Call ahead to make an appointment and dress professionally when you visit them.  Visiting potential sponsors is also great practice for your interview.  Most sponsors will want to ask you questions about the pageant.  Be prepared by reviewing all the information on the website an in your contestant packet.  Remind your advertisers that their contributions are considered a business expense.

Each contestant will receive a simple satin ribbon banner for use pageant weekend. We offer an optional banner for purchase to use for personal appearances prior to the pageant – for parades, charity functions, meeting with potential sponsors, etc. Information on these banners will be in your contestant packet


There are 3 optional competitions – speech, talent and photogenic.  The entry fee is $50 per optional – the winning speeches and talents will perform at the finals and receive a $50 cash award.

They have no bearing on the selection of the titleholders.  They are judged by a separate panel and are not announce on stage until after the judging is complete.

The People’s Choice is a 50/50 split between the contestant (or Little Miss) that receives the most votes and the new titleholders.  The new titleholders will use their portion to help with incidentals for Nationals. Details will be in the contestant packet. Votes are purchased – $1 a vote – during the pageant weekend and deposited at the venue in jars decorated by the contestants.

Ambassador Award - this award will start in the 2020 pageant

This Award is awarded to the contestant who has excelled at promoting the state program. This award will begin with the 2020 pageant. There is no fee to compete for the Ambassador Award.  Each contestant is automatically considered for the award once they have met the ticket and advertising sales expectations. This Award is a state level title and does not advance to the National level.

It has no bearing on the selection of state titleholders. It will not be announced until after the judging is complete.

Yes, you can compete the following year.

Yes!  The Ambassador Award has no relationship to the overall titleholder selection.  If you win both you will receive all prizes for both.

Little Miss Mentoring Program

 No, it is not a competition.  It is a mentoring program to help young girls develop confidence on stage and spend time with good role models. However, the Little Miss participants may elect to compete in optionals – Speech, Talent, Modeling, and Photogenic.  There will be a Little Miss, Teen and Miss winner in each of the optionals provided thee is a minimum of 3 entries in a divisions/category.  Winners of Speech, Talent and Modeling will perform at the finals show.

Yes, since this is not a competition it is open to out of state girls that have a connection to one of the contestants – example – a contestant has a 9 year old cousin who lives out of state but wants to participate in the Little Miss program.  She would just need to list the contestant under the referred by section of the sign up form.

Our Little Miss coordinator will contact you to answer any questions you have and walk you through the Little Miss information packet.

Once your sponsorship fees have been paid in full we will order your crown and banner. They usually take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Your entry fee covers your crown and banner, 2 tickets to the finals, the meet and greet with Marisa Butler, Miss World America 2018, participation in pageant weekend rehearsals and a swag bag given at check-in.

Each Little Miss participant is automatically considered for the Ambassador title.  There are no minimum sales requirements for the title.  It is awarded to the Little Miss who has excelled at promoting our state pageant.  Details will be in your participant information packet.   

For finals you will need a white dress – length should be between mid-calf to just above the knees. Communion or flower girl dress shops usually have a good selection.  You will also need white or skin tone shoes.  You will need comfortable clothes for rehearsal and if you attend the Get Acquainted Banquet you can wear the outfit of your choice.

Other FAQ

Meeting deadlines is very important.  There are a lot of moving parts in producing the pageant. If you miss a deadline we will do our best to work with you but we cannot hold off production of the program book or compilation of the judges’ folders.

Once your first payment of your sponsorship fees are paid we will order your banner – you will receive a form to complete to let us know if you want the satin ribbon banner or the optional embroidered satin banner.

Please give your sponsor a receipt – and convert the cash to a money order or cashiers check before sending it in.  DO NOT SEND CASH.